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At Moru, we are on a mission to radically transform patients' oral health by enabling a new era of dental care to prevent disease and deliver great smiles.
We believe that tele dentistry will help to increase access to dental care, making it more convenient and affordable for patients.

Moru is the market leader in dental and teledentistry solutions with its innovative technology, superior infrastructure built by our engineering team coupled with extensive clinical knowledge.We are committed to providing you with high-quality dental care in an efficient and convenient manner. Our online dentist will review all options for treatment, as well as provide advice based on sound clinical guidelines so that your best interests can be looked after at every step of the process - from diagnosis through recovery!

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Our Dentists

Paul Smith
Founder & CEO
Ryan Jackson
Head of Business Operations
Brittany Rosen
VP, Finance and Strategy
Robert Henriks
Senior Developer
David Garcia
Founder & CEO
Maria Martinez
Head of Business Operations
Leslie Alexander
VP, Finance and Strategy
Jane Cooper
Senior Developer

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